Business Model

PeritusElit provide four business model choice for customer project.

  • Dedicated Full Time Developer
  • Fixed Cost Based
  • Hourly Based
  • Hire Offshore (Team of Developers)

Dedicated Full Time Developer

Many times, the clients do not come with their set specifications regarding the project and are sometimes confused due to which it becomes difficult to provide a definite timeline or budget for that particular project. Hence, to ease out such problems we believe in framing a dedicated approach during the initial phase of the project discussion itself. Through this approach we decide the exact services that are required by the client and the man hours that will be required to complete them. This makes deciding the price and the deadline of the project much easier. This Business model is perfecly suite for companies or clients whose requirments are on-going basis and constant. This Business model is a great option to expand your in-house team.

Fixed Cost Based

In this Business Model we analyze your project requirement and create a Project scope of the same and based on Project scope, we determine timeline and cost of the project. In fix cost based project model, all scope of work, changes, functionality will be define and finalize and based on which we come to the stage where we come to the Proposal/Agreement Stage. Some projects are only basic such as graphic designing of few pages, web designing and so on and these can be completed within specified deadline. For such projects, we have fixed prices. This helps in rapid execution and the client is assured of getting the delivery on the right time, as the project requirements are short and clear.

Hourly Based

If you are not certain about the duration of a particular project, the hourly approach can come in really handy. It means you do not have to pay for a whole week if you only require activation for 7 to 8 hours a day. Similarly, if you think that the work may take more than the estimated time and you’re not certain about the extent of time, this approach can be really beneficial.

The client will only have to pay on hourly basis and not worry about having the complete details on hand. You can start a project on hourly rates even if you do not have all things planned, as you will only have to pay for the hours you are going to consume.

Hire Offshore (Team of Developers)

When Project requirement is high and lengthy at same time we need to Assign our most experienced Resource who lead the project and take responsibility of whole project. Project leader and team leader will able to solve the query of developers and understand clients' requirement thoroughly. This module is applied when the client is overseas and the project requires the staff members to visit the client abroad. This process is suitable for the customers who are on the lookout for long term advantages through offshore outsourcing. The client can hire dedicated resources as per the plan requirements.

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